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Today we will do the WOD BEFORE the strength.

Kettlebell Warmup:

:30 Second Intervals

Quad Stretch

Right Arm Farmers Carry

Active Samson

Left Arm Farmers Carry

Active Spidermans

Right Side Kettlebell Deadlift

Slow Air Squats

Left Side Kettlebell Deadlift

Push-up to Down Dog

Kettlebell Goblet Squats

Ankle Stretch :45s

Pigeon Pose :45s

Kettlebell Swing Skill Progressions:


Hips Through

The main movers of the kettlebell swing are the legs and hips. Especially with a heavier load today, it will be more difficult to get the weight overhead relying on the arms to do so. Getting the hips through aggressively by squeezing the glutes and quads will initiate the power of the swing and help us later on in the back squats.

Different Gears

There are a couple different options that help with speeding up or slowing down the swing. The arcing motion takes a little longer, but gets a lot of legs involved. The snatch motion is quicker, but can be more taxing on the upper body. Letting the bell float down uses gravity and is slower than pulling the bell back between the legs with the arms. Athletes can implement any one of these to go faster or slower.

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Movement Prep

With a Lighter KB:

5 KB Deadlifts

5 Rus. Swings

5 Full Swings

With WOD KB:

5 Russian Swings

5 Full Swings


Finish Position

In any workout, but especially with this one being a repeat benchmark, we want to ensure full range of motion in the burpee. Just like the swing, we want to get the hips through with the chest tall and complete a small clap overhead on each rep. The finish position should closely resemble a standing position.

Heels Down

Just like in the kettlebell swings and squat today, we also want to keep the heels down in the burpee. It provides athletes with a safer and more stable position to jump from than a toes only position. Watch the difference between the two:

Workout of the Day

Freddy Krueger (Time)




RX+70/53 RX53/35
The first goal of the day is to push for unbroken sets on the kettlebell. This is likely the only place where the workout has a potential to come to a stop, as athletes can always continue to keep moving on the burpees.

The burpee pace should then be the max pace that allows for a quick transition and unbroken set on the bell the next time around.

The sticking point of the workout is probably going to be the round of 15’s. Let’s mentally and physically prepare ourselves to keep moving here, knowing that there is only the round of 9 to follow.


Back Squat (Tempo Squats 5×5 @ 65% (Tempo 32X1))

There are four numbers that constitute the tempo of an exercise. Each number is the amount of seconds each phase should take.


The first number (3) is the eccentric, or lowering, component of the lift.

The second number (2) denotes any pause at the midpoint.

The third number (X) is the concentric, or lifting, component. (X denotes as explosive as possible)

Finally, the fourth number (1) denotes any pause at the top.