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6 Barnes Corner Road, Colora, MD 21917


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Barnes Corner Fitness is a health center with universal appeal. Perhaps you just want a gym to help you shed a few unwanted pounds. Maybe you seek a relaxed atmosphere where you can jog, tone, firm up and stretch. Or, you enjoy Group Exercise classes with friends and peers. Even if you are you a dedicated athlete or service-person who requires ready access to serious, professional training equipment in a clean and supportive environment, BCF24 has it all!

Some people want a place to go where it is easy to focus on personal activities like yoga in peaceful settings. Some just want out of the overcrowded, impersonal world of the “gym chains”. Possibly, you are even new to the whole “fitness thing” and are looking for a gym that doesn’t seem intimidating. Barnes Corner Fitness prides itself in being able to offer fitness solutions to meet all needs in a reasonably priced, pleasant and professional environment.

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