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The Best Group Exercise Classes in Rising Sun
Best Gym In Rising Sun With Group Exercise Classes


Similar to yoga but emphasizes your body’s core-the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thighs, butt and so on. Pilates develops much of what exercisers need-strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance and good posture-with a much lower chance of injury than with other forms of exercise. The discipline emphasizes correct form instead of going for the “burn” and with so many different exercises and progressions you’ll never be bored. Class available in 60 minute format. Average calorie burn: 200 cals/hour


A workout like no other and a physical pursuit that allows you to tone and train your body to be strong and flexible. Participants also may find themselves embracing yoga as a mindset as well and a way of living to be a happier, healthier and fitter version of themselves. Yoga is perfect for all levels regardless of age, experience or level of flexibility and will grow with you and your level of experience. Class is available in 60 minute or 75 minute format. Average calorie burn: 600 cals/hour


YOU’RE A LONE WOLF. A RENEGADE. WE GET YOU. That’s why we have so many workout options available. Wanna throw the kettlebells around? No problem. Jonesing for a quick 5-miler on the treadmill? You’ll always find a free one. You chart your fitness course. We’ll be the compass.


Participants 50+ move through a variety of exercises to help strengthen and tone muscles as well as perform various low impact cardiovascular exercises to help build endurance. This is a super fun, low impact class for those not looking to be intimidated by those higher intensity workouts but still want to stay fit and sweat! This class goes beyond the benefits of calories burned and muscles gained with proven results. Participants have proven to gain range of motion in troubled joints, have drastically improved endurance for normal daily activities, as well as, an increased sense of balance and strength.


Total Body Strength is a 60 minute total body conditioning class focusing on strengthening, sculpting and toning, while using a multitude of training techniques. Body weight exercises, cardio bursts, and lifting with barbells and dumbbells are used in this class.

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