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Team 1776 (Time)

For Time (in a Team of 3)

Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lb)

Box Jumps (24/20 in)

Air Squats





Row (calories)


Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)

Ball Slams (30/20 lb)

Dumbbell Push Press (45/35 lb)

As a team, complete a total of 1776 reps involving all exercises in any order
Multiple partners may work at a time, but everyone must work together on the same movement and move to the next one together.

The only requirements are that the team complete 1,776 total repetitions, with not more than 200 reps of any single movement, and each team member must complete at least 10 reps of each movement.

Score is the time it takes to complete the full workout.

Tips and Strategy

This team workout requires a lot of communication. As a group, take time to decide how many reps of each movement the team should do. Write down the movement order and the reps clearly so that everyone knows what to do and what movement comes next. Organize the movements in a way that won’t cause too much burnout in any one area of the body. For example, don’t put Dumbbell Push Presses, Wall Balls, and Push-Ups (all of which have upper-body pushing requirements) back to back to back—bounce between upper-body movements, lower-body movements, and cardiovascular movements.

Intended Stimulus

This WOD is designed to be fun! It’s a perfect workout to celebrate the 4th of July. Above all, “Team 1776” is about quality teamwork and good communication. The team has to come together and create their own workout based on their collective strengths and weaknesses. Since everyone is working at one time, this is not an interval-style team workout – there is no built-in rest. The pace should be strong, but sprinting too fast through this will result in a slower overall time. At the end of this workout, the team should feel accomplished, energized, and ready to celebrate America’s birthday!

Scaling Options

As needed, scale the skill level of the movements so all teammates can move quickly and smoothly through the workout. There should rarely be long rest breaks. Newer athletes: Add a time cap to enjoy the workout without overdoing the volume.

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