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Split Jerk (Skillwork)

Part #1 – Split Jerk Strict Press

5 Sets of 3 Repetitions, starting with an empty barbell (from rack).

The purpose of this first drill is to refine and build stability in our receiving position.

The split jerk strict press begins with the athlete stepping into the split jerk receiving position. From here, perform three *strict* presses from this position. This allows us to build familiarity in this position with a weight overhead.

Points of Performance we are looking for:

1. Front shin to be perpendicular with the floor. Weight is on the heel.

2. Back knee is bent, and pointing straight down to the floor.

3. The heel of the back foot is off the ground. Weight is on the ball of the foot, with the toes facing forward.

If you feel laterally unstable, widen your stance a touch. We are looking to be somewhere between hip width and shoulder width in our receiving position. Lastly, as we press the barbell overhead, visualize your upper torso being made of concrete. Half the battle is dialing the lower body positioning and stability wise… the other half is firing the abdominals and actively pressing overhead at lockout for a strong finish. We need both.

The more comfortable we are in this split position (which is simply trained with more time), the faster we’ll move to it during an actual split jerk.

Part #2 – Jerk Balance

5 Sets of 3 – (starting with an empty BB, or very light load)

Part #3 – Split Jerk

Build to a Heavy Single for the Day (from the rack)

Rest as needed between sets.

Deadlift (Variations)

Build to a Moderate Set of 5 Repetitions: Romanian Deadlift

Build to a Moderate Set of 7 Repetitions: Sumo Deadlift

Build to a Moderate Set of 9 Repetitions: Deadlift

Today’s intention here is to establish a “moderate” load for each movement… a submaximal load that we are moving very well with. There should not be any rounding of the back or grinding repetitions on any of these pieces. For another angle, think of establishing a weight that you are confident you could lift for an extra ~5 reps at each movement, if we were to try. No score tied to each, given our controlled intensity on these parts. We will repeat this portion, aiming to increase our loading next time. This is a baseline.

Metcon (No Measure)

Accessory Work:

Part #1:

2 Sets, Not for Time:

7 Inverted Pausing Barbell Rows (1 second) – (Video)

14 Kneeling Single Arm Presses (7 each side) – (Video)

21 Glute Bridges (Video)

Part #2

2 Sets, Not for Time:

10 Barbell Rollouts – (Video)

20 Meter Overhead Kettlebell Walk, each side (60′) – (Video)

30 Seated Low Banded Rows – (Video)

Part #3

800 Meter Double-Kettlebell Walk

1st 100m – Both KB’s in Farmers Carry (at sides)

2nd 100m – Both KB’s in Front Rack Position

3rd 100m – Left Arm Front Rack, Right Arm Farmers Carry

4th 100m – Left Arm Farmers Carry, Right Arm Front Rack

Repeat that twice for 800 meters total.

Choose a set of kettlebells that we feel we could farmers carry unbroken for 400+ meters, if we went for it when fresh.

Rest as needed throughout, but aim to make the 100 meters sets unbroken if possible. Good to push here, but we also need to be observant of our technique. If we start to compensate and loose form, take a break regardless of where we are. The underlying goal here is to strengthen the body in the right positions.. not reinforcing the wrong ones.

When we talk to technique – we are looking for a rigid midline and a tall torso. Especially when we have a single KB in the front rack, with the other in the waists (farmers), our body is going to want to twist and compensate. Fight this urge and strengthen the midline by cinching down the rib cage with the abdominals and staying squared off to the front.

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