Squirrel Suit

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Squirrel Suit (AMRAP – Reps)

3 minute AMRAP

10/7 Bike Cals

15 Slamballs 20/15

Rest 1:00

3 minute AMRAP

10/7 Row Cals

14 Box Step-ups 24/20

Rest 1:00

The key to squirrel suit is to stay smooth and under control. If you’re doing the OPEN keep effort at 70% and don’t push too hard. If you aren’t doing the OPEN, feel free to push it, but don’t go out too hot in the first 3 minutes… you have to keep in mind the rest time of 1 min, which won’t enough to recover if your pacing is wrong on the 3 minutes. Keep your intensity consistent, or increasing, throughout. Transitions should be quick with only 3 minutes of work, don’t waste any movement or time here. The nature of every movement in this workout allows for you to control your pace while continuing to move. Use your breathing to control this pace, and keep it moving.

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