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Strength and Conditioning separates the Best Athletes from the Rest. By working with a professional on strength and conditioning, athletes can improve and develop the physical power and speed that allows them to stand out in competition.

ALL Collegiate programs are required to have a strength and conditioning coach. ALL collegiate athletes have strength and conditioning programs specifically designed for their sport. Do you know why? Because it is what is done in the off-season that produces success when it’s game-time!

If you want an advantage, prepare now by enrolling in an organized program to create a faster, stronger and a more prepared athlete.

Barnes Corner Fitness is offers a collegiate-level strength and conditioning program for your athlete or team of athletes. The program measures Speed, Strength, Agility and Conditioning baselines through tests to measure the performance improvements of our athletes. The tests include: T-test (Agility), Max Pushups, Pullups, Sit-ups, Squats, Dips (Stamina), Vertical Jump(Power), Running, & Rowing(conditioning), Shoulder Press, Squat & Deadlift (Strength).

During the program, we focus on getting stronger, moving faster and becoming a more agile athlete. These characteristics will be directly carried over to their sport performance. Also, during this time, we will introduce and suggest a specific diet and nutrition program to promote better performance.

Sacrifice, Hard-work and Commitment are the three keys to the success of elite level athletes. Being successful is not easy, but if an athlete is committed to a strength and conditioning program, success will be easier to attain as a team when the season arrives and it is time to impress team coaches and college scouts.

For information on how this program can work for your athlete, contact us!

Individual coaching is also available upon request.

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