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Deadlift (EMOM 10)

Even DL 5

ODD GHD Ext x10

Gold Foil (9 Rounds for reps)

1 minute Deadlifts 155/105(185/135)

rest 1:00

1 minute

Kipping Pull-ups

rest 1:00

1 minute

Elbow Plank 45/25

rest 1:00

x 3
If it’s not obvious, the prescribed weight on planks is with the weight on the butt. Today involves 1 minute Stamina sets, that can tip over into some other systems depending on your system strengths. Coupled the way it is, the 1 min rests, rotating through, we consider this Stamina Density Pp(e). As we’ve discussed before, these workouts have the tendency to produce soreness… so if you’re concerned about that, don’t push too deep into the sets. If you’re familiar with this and don’t mind some soreness, don’t be afraid to go deep into your first set every minute. It will be almost pure stamina, with some breathing spilling over into the recovery on the pull-ups and deadlifts. But with the minute of rest, the breath should recover fine and not be much of an issue. Think about accepting the burn, make friends with it, but never at the expense of technique. Don’t let your butt sag, stay tight on those planks! Keep your shoulders stacked right over your elbows.

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