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Bench Press (Emom x10)

Even Min: benchpress 10-8-6-4-2 increasing

Odd Min: Barbell 💪🏻 Curl x 10

Peter Rabbit (Time)

For time:



Air Squats




Dumbbell Snatches 50/35
We’ve got an ascending ladder of double-unders and air squats followed by a descending ladder of sit-ups and dumbbell snatches. Categorized as Vp(p), Aerobic Power on stamina side, leg fatigue will play a role in this workout. Breathing will also be a factor, particularly on double-unders, air squats, and dumbbell snatches. Sit-ups offer some rest for the breathing, but it’s important to remember to keep high-breathing throughout. Aim to go at a steady pace, smooth double-unders into steady air squats. As sets increase, adjust your reps so you can keep moving. You’re looking at 150 double-unders and 150 air squats total, which moves into 75 sit-ups and dumbbell snatches so manage that fatigue! Aim to keep jump rope and dumbbell snatch sets unbroken, but slow things down a bit to catch your breath on the movements where you can control the pace ( air squats, sit-ups db snatch)

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