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Mindy (Time)

12 Rounds for Time

3 Strict Pull-up (Rx+5)

10 Sit-ups

15 Jumping Squats to 45lb plate
Similar to her cousin Cindy, Mindy is a little more strict, and a little more sassy. We classify this as stamina Pp(p), but heart rate and breathing will spike every round on the jumping squats. With twelve rounds of 5 strict Pull-ups, we’re looking at 60 total strict Pull-ups at PURPLE . Broken up, this should not be a problem, if you push for sets of 5 each set, expect to feel that fatigue build as sets progress. Keep things moving consistently for all rounds, manage fatigue as best you can and if you’re spending too much time on the pullups, drop the variation down. And just to reiterate: break up the pull-ups and ring rows early to keep a good pace on the workout. Your abs and quads will catch a good burn here, but nothing you can’t push through.

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