Rolling Sevens

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Rolling Sevens (4 Rounds for reps)

With a running clock:

At 0:00 & 14:00

6 min AMRAP:

600m row

in remaining time:

Box Step-ups 24/20

At 7:00 & 21:00

6 min AMRAP:

4 min Airbike for cals

in remaining time:

27min running clock.


Strategy: We consider this system Vp(v) and if you imagine the way it will feel (primarily breathing) you’ll see why. You’re goal is to maximizing your AMRAP sets, keep that in mind on the row and bike and don’t go out at a suicide pace. Focus on your breath from the start. If you can keep your breathing consistent your perceived effort will lessen. Get into a rhythm on the box Stepups… Box Stepups were chosen specifically for the fluidity and rhythm allowing you to maintain a consistent and smooth pace. While some may thinking “why not box jumps” the reason is because of the difference in the nature of the movement. We’re looking for consistent, smooth, high breathing, and the box stepup does this better. Work through the row and the bike at a high steady pace so that youcan get right into the box step-ups and double-unders. Try to keep your AMRAP scores as tight as possible, don’t blow it all on the first round.

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